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"As a 40-year career education, former Superintendent of Schools and the Chair of the Georgia
Background Screening Committee charged with developing a screening program for our members to
associate ourselves with a screening company with experience and a positive reputation.  Such a
company was Background Screening & Security Solutions, LLC.  With their guidance and
expertise in the field of background checks, the committee was able to develop and present a
screening program to our members that meets the mandates for a non-profit, is cost effective and
- Bob Pinckney, Chair, Georgia District Key Leader Program, Georgia District of Kiwanis Int'l.

Background Screening & Security Solutions LLC started with the Georgia District of Kiwanis
when we first entertained a statewide policy on instituting background checks.  The firm went above
the call of duty by advising us on current standards, attending board meetings, and handcrafting a
consent form that the board could live with while still conforming to FCRA, privacy, and other due
diligence standards.  BSASS LLC also does the state mandated background searches for my
company, Auditory Verbal.  Janice and her firm certainly live up to the motto – “Partnering for a

- Debbie Brilling, CEO Auditory Verbal Center, Atlanta, and Georgia District of Kiwanis Int'l

I have been a business owner for 3 years and having efficient and affordable vendors is a big part of
successful operations..  BSASS LLC has done an amazing job on both counts.   I would recommend
them to anyone.

I have been using BSASS LLC for well over a year and I have found them to be very  dependable,
efficient, professional and  precise.  I am so glad that we decided to change over to  this company and
am very satisfied with BSASS LLC.  I applaud them and I am delighted for the great work that they

- Charlotte Smith, Admissions Dep't, Woodruff Medical Training & Testing, Decatur Georgia

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