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Criminal History Reporting
  • Federal Criminal History through US District Courts
  • Nationwide Criminal History database Search (Includes)
  • Multi State Sex Offender Registry Database
  • Specially Designated Nationals
  • Office for Foreign Assets Control
  • Government Watch Lists to improve Patriot Act Compliance
  • FBI Terrorist List
  • Federal/States/Local Wanted Fugitive Lists
  • Statewide Criminal History database search
  • County Criminal History hands on courthouse felony/misdemeanor statutory offense
    searches (for the past 7 years) are accessed via the Clerk of Courts Office in the specific
    county responsible for the applicant's current and/or former resident, and/or work
    addresses.  Each address location that resides within a different court jurisdiction is
    considered a separate criminal record search. Also, in a situation where an applicant has
    multiple names, each name will require a separate search.

Verification Services
  • Educational Institution Verification that includes dates and degrees
  • Employment Verification that may include at a minimum dates, position, reason for
    leaving, and eligibility to be rehired.
  • Military Service Verification through certifying the DD214 through the National
    Personnel Records Center
  • Professional License Verification through issuing state agencies
  • Medical Sanction Information on Individuals and Companies which includes
  • OIG, GSA, DEA, FDA, and Tri-Care

Identity Verification Services
  • Residential Name and Address Search
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • CBSV - Consent Based Social Security Number Verification

Motor Vehicle Driving Reports
  • Operator Licenses includes
  • CDL Information

Tenant Screening Services through a National Rental Database Registry that includes court
actions, landlord inquiries and landlord reporting

Civil Court Record Reporting through US District or Local Courts

Bankruptcy Reporting through US District Courts

Volunteer & Non-Profit Services -  screening service provides a report that includes the following:
criminal data information on the full name and/or alternate names used by the volunteer, dates at
listed addresses, validity of the SSN provided, age/date of birth, and available phone information

Franchise Screening Services - let us help you develop appropriate protection packages.

Student Screening Services - protect the student population by identifying criminal/sexual deviant

Perpetual Scanning Services - provides ongoing screening in the following areas
  • Criminal Histories - scanning for criminal activity.  Easily stay informed of employees'
    criminal history by using this post-hire screening tool to fully manage the risks associated
    with workplace theft and violence.
  • Driving Histories - scanning for violations or expiration of license
  • Professional Licensing - scanning for expiration of license

Policy and Procedure Development
  • Screening Policies
  • Pre-Adverse and Adverse Action Letters
  • Automation of accept/decline of applicant through setting program process defaults

Post Hire E-Verify and I-9 Services
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