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It is our mission to provide a custom tailored screening process that delivers the most accurate,
cost effective, expeditious, and secure service to our clients, in accordance with existing laws, due
diligence, and best business practices, empowering our clients to make their best business hiring
and policy decisions.

It is also our mission to foster awareness of issues related to consumer protection, privacy rights,
and best hiring practices through superior product knowledge, customer service, and support.

It is our pledge to conduct our affairs with the highest levels of moral character, ethical business
practices, standards of excellence, and integrity.

federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) to provide Consumer Reports for client employers who
have secured permission from their employees and application through a written Authorization
and Disclosure Form.

BSASS LLC collects, stores, and distributes data through a secure encrypted online system that is
designed to protect the privacy of consumers and their data.  System is only accessible to
authorized users that have been issued a proprietary user name and password, and have been
informed of their duty regarding privacy practices.  The online system is and its backup data
facility is SAS70 audited to ensure client and consumer data is secure.

The subject of any consumer report has the right to receive a copy and inspect any data about
them, and to dispute the validity of any data through the provisions of the federal FCRA and any
and all applicable state driven regulations.  Consumers may request a copy of any of their reports
by submitting a written request to:  BSASS LLC, PO Box 2285, Blairsville GA  30514-2285.

Any of all provision of the privacy policy are subject to change without notice.
Background Screening & Security Solutions, LLC is committed to observing and promoting the of
Background Screening & Security Solutions, LLC as to how we choose to work with customers,
partners, vendors and each other; each Background Screening & Security Solutions, LLC employee
and affiliate is responsible for complying with the Code and for assuring compliance by others.

Full ethics policy available here

based data collection and reporting system to its clients, and provides services to established
businesses only pursuant to the provisions contained in the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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